Soya free

How to keep a toddler occupied….

Last week I went to Tescos to stock up on food for J. Im becoming more aware of how much ‘extras’ are in food. This has come from having to read all packaging to see if its dairy, soya and banana free.  This resulted in one of the healthiest shops I have done.  I was plesently surprised that it did not cost as much as i was expecting.  This is normally one of the downfalls of having to shop dairy and soya free.

As you can see i managed to buy quiet a selection of food for J to try. (Not the green tea that was for me ).  I bought Vitalite on the reccomendation from alot of people in a fantstic CMPA support group.  I also bought some tinned cocunut milk from the world food isle.  However i have no idea how to use it to cook with. Can you direct me to a easy recipe?
Amongst the items that I had picked up were Plum, Little Yums, Apple Spinach and Kale wafers. The more of the Plum products i buy the more i am liking them. (well J is)


I  was expecting the items just to be loose in the box but they actually came in handy little packets containing three wafers . These are usefull to take out in lunch boxes.


J loved these and had fun eating them.  They are actually not that messy as some finger foods can be. When I gave J these he actually sat still and ate them nicely. Which was a nice change as he is normally running around at 100 miles an hour to busy to even sit down to eat. The carpet can vouch for that after the whole pancake relay saga.

I will definetly be trying some other products of the Plum range, and seeing how J rates them. Are there any others you would reccomed?



THESE CONTAIN MILK!!!!  After J came out in a reaction rash the other morning i read the individual packet ingredients list.

Im sure the box didnt say it contained milk, If anything it would have said ‘may contain’. I need to go back to the supermarket and check as I recycled the box.
As you can see I have found two seperate links on the products both saying differently.


Dairy and Soya free find

Today whilst shopping in Aldi I discovered a bread that J could eat.


Made by the Village Bakery sold at a very reasonable price this bread seems very nice. J is on abit of a hunger strike at the moment. However I slightly toasted a round of bread and put a tiny bit of strawberry jam on it , he wolfed it down. It definitely gets J’s stamp of approval. 


As you can see from the ingredients it is dairy and soya free . It does however contain gluten wheat and barley. 

We will definitely be purchasing this again

Date with a dietitian

We had an appointment with a dietitian this week. We have agreed that dairy and soya seem to be a problem and are continuing to avoid these. 
I mentioned allergy test and as J sounds to be having non ige reactions then they wouldn’t actually show anything up.
As the reflux is currently playing up we are not going to start challenging dairy until the new dosage has started to help control it.