1am-2am Reflux how I hate you!!

Im sat here at 2am crying sat in the spare room, whilst my husband trys to settle J.  J has spent the last hour screaming and thrashing around.  He wants cuddles but then claws and hits you. Im so unbelievable fed up of this reflux. I hate seeing J in pain and not being able to do anything.

Its now 2.30 we now have tv on in the bedroom to distract J . It is slowly sort of working

Its now 3.20 J has finally gone to sleep. Hopefully he will at least give me a hour . Im not even going to attempt to put him in his cot


Date with a dietitian

We had an appointment with a dietitian this week. We have agreed that dairy and soya seem to be a problem and are continuing to avoid these. 
I mentioned allergy test and as J sounds to be having non ige reactions then they wouldn’t actually show anything up.
As the reflux is currently playing up we are not going to start challenging dairy until the new dosage has started to help control it.

Return of the reflux

Since being on Zantac J is like a different child. Only woke once or twice a night, moaned less and ate food. However the past fortnight has been horrible and reflux symptoms have slowly returned one by one.
Unfortunately the gps wouldn’t alter the dosage on the zantac , even though it is very weight sensitive. 

We have since had a follow up hospital appointment and had the dosage upped. Hopefully this will start helping again soon

Doctors visit

Today we were back at the doctors about Jacob being in pain overnight.  He screams the house down whilst he is still sleeping.

Its horrible to see him in pain and not know how to help. Sometimes even pacing the house holding him doesn’t help . I have to give him a bottle for comfort, but even then he will just bring it all back up. He can be writhing around in pain most of the night ,with me having to go and settle him on average about 6 times.  Once I counted 12 .

We have an appointment with a pediatrician next week so hopefully we will start getting to the botton of his problems.