Who am i?

I know that I have mainly be writing about baby J, but i thought I would introduce you to the Me before baby J arrived. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy life now but I cant wait for J to be older so we can go on adventures and days out.

I wouldn’t say I was your typically girly girl. In all honesty I hate shopping, it just stresses me out as I never find anything I like. The only girly thing about me is that when I go out I do like dressing up (not that it happens often)  and obviously considering I’m a hairdresser i do like that.

I use to be one of those ‘youths’, no not the chavvy ones hanging around on parks. The ones meeting up on car parks talking about cars.  Yes i know what your thinking, but honestly it was harmless.  I would rather that, than be a youth showing no respect and terrorising the neighbourhood.

This is Tango …. my first car


I also use to have a Honda CBR125 motorbike , however i cannot at this moment find a picture.

Another thing i use to do was Urbexing …. no that’s nothing dodgy , its basically exploring abandoned buildings (I told you,not a girly girl.) This is when I got into photography. Photography is another reason i have started to write this blog, i really miss having the time to go out exploring with my camera.  I hope to be able to take more photos of J , without him trying to pinch the camera off me .

When we have moved and unpacked i will be able to find my external hard drive and upload some pictures.

My most recent hobby is off-roading. There was nothing more I loved than driving through a massive mud ditch or a swampy lake. We regularly use to go greenlaning or to off-road days.

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