1am-2am Reflux how I hate you!!

Im sat here at 2am crying sat in the spare room, whilst my husband trys to settle J.  J has spent the last hour screaming and thrashing around.  He wants cuddles but then claws and hits you. Im so unbelievable fed up of this reflux. I hate seeing J in pain and not being able to do anything.

Its now 2.30 we now have tv on in the bedroom to distract J . It is slowly sort of working

Its now 3.20 J has finally gone to sleep. Hopefully he will at least give me a hour . Im not even going to attempt to put him in his cot


Baby event

Today was the start of the Aldi baby event. We already knew we wanted to get the cheap hauck buggy (for grandma’s car) . The plan was to get two baby gates for the new house, although by then J will probably be doing back flips over them.


This is what we ended up with. It was a challange in its self trying to fit it all in a shopping trolley aswell as J. I needed L plates as a drove into a lady aswell, she was ok dont worry.