Bedroom Shuffle

Im sure all parents know this one…. no not that …the other one.

It starts by walking up the stairs , tippy toeing as you go along.  You get half way and realise you have forgotten nappy/bottle/dummy/teething gel/monitor delete as appropriate.
You try again and manage to reach the landing . In your celebration you drop your phone, you freeze, waiting for the cry through the nursery door, nothing, yes we escaped it this time. You begin the mission impossible routine, shuffling your weight on you tip toes , following a certain patter to avoid the dredded squeaky floorboards.
You make it to the bedroom , breath a sigh of relief. You get settled in bed just enough time to relax and get comfy when…  wahhhhhh wahhhhhh  … and the the baby dance begins. …


Baby event

Today was the start of the Aldi baby event. We already knew we wanted to get the cheap hauck buggy (for grandma’s car) . The plan was to get two baby gates for the new house, although by then J will probably be doing back flips over them.


This is what we ended up with. It was a challange in its self trying to fit it all in a shopping trolley aswell as J. I needed L plates as a drove into a lady aswell, she was ok dont worry.


Im sat here trying to stay awake so i can see my husband. I have not seen him since he left for work this morning at 7.45.

Im fed up of having to deal with bedtime on my own . It wouldnt be too bad if J stayed asleep but he doesnt, ive just had to settle him again now. Its not my husbands fault, he has spent a day at work and then gone straight to our new house to carry on fitting the kitchen. I am really proud of him and very greatful for what he does.  I know it is hard on him aswell not seeing myself and J as much as he would like.

I cannot wait for the house to be finished , and then we will be able to have spare time ,ha who has that with a baby, but then we can relax together

Doggy date


I love the fact that my mum watches J for me when im at work. I can relax totally knowing that he is ok.
I dont have to worry about her feeding him anything he cannot have , as she knows how it affects him.

She occasionally sends me photos of what they are up to. This is great as I dont feel like im missing out.

Today they have been to see Milo and Mate. Milo is abit giddy so had to stay behind the gate. J definitely takes after his mum and dad as he loves animals

Fruit pouch


This was also a new find today in Aldi. J has been on a hunger strike so I have been trying to find new things he will eat.  I thought that by trying a pouch he may enjoy feeding himself .
I haven’t given him strawberries before as ive been paranoid with the whole allergy thing. However I realised we cant live like that so decided to try him with them.


As you can see from the ingredients there is only fruit in the pouches . This is also good for those with allergies as you know exactly what it contains.

This has J’s stamp of approval as he enjoyed eating out of the pouch. I did have to keep taking it off him though as he thought it was hilarious to squirt it everywhere.  However he did manage to eay it all, minus what went on the floor and his clothing.

Dairy and Soya free find

Today whilst shopping in Aldi I discovered a bread that J could eat.


Made by the Village Bakery sold at a very reasonable price this bread seems very nice. J is on abit of a hunger strike at the moment. However I slightly toasted a round of bread and put a tiny bit of strawberry jam on it , he wolfed it down. It definitely gets J’s stamp of approval. 


As you can see from the ingredients it is dairy and soya free . It does however contain gluten wheat and barley. 

We will definitely be purchasing this again

How I started babywearing – My story

When I was pregnant I already knew I wanted to wear my baby in a carrier. This was more for practicality purposes at first , mainly walking the dog, holidays in Wales etc.
I started to research about all the different types of carriers , I quickly realised that your standard off the shelf ones were not the best choice . They do not support the optimum position for your baby, and not only that apparently once the baby got bigger/ heavier they were not very comfy.

My first sling was a ebay cheapy mei tai, it was plain black on one side and red paisley design on the other. Mum and dad friendly :). This was easy enough to use with a teddy , however with a newborn I couldn’t figure out how best to use it.  This was later sent to Turkey to enable a friend .


I also ordered  a black stretchy wrap when I was pregnant. When it first arrived I opened the parcel, I couldn’t believe how long the piece of fabric was. I immediately thought what on earth had I done. I then I got a teddy ( a very important bit of kit for any future babywearer) stood in front of the mirror and begin to wrap.  After a few attempts I got the hang of it , just had to wait for the baby now.
This quickly became my favourite wrap as it was so easy to put it on in the morning and just pop J in and out as the day went along, Even my mum carried J using it. My Husband did attempt to go out using it once, which I was impressed , he did however come back carrying J not in the sling as he couldn’t figure out how to wrap him back up .



I then found out about sling library’s and started to fall down the slippery slope of collecting a stash of slings. I originally wanted to hire a buckle carrier for my husband as we thought he would find it easier.  Following this I bought a Connecta solarweave , this summer was so hot that I needed something light to carrier J around in.  I had already bought a Didymos Jakob as our legacy wrap , even though I had no idea how to use it ,but hey that’s what Youtube is for right ? .

20130505_1346362013-06-22 12.09.04

2013-05-22 12.13.08 2013-05-24 15.59.11

I have since bought a Wallabi Wraptai, this has quickly become my favourite. The plan was to sell the Connecta but my mum has decided that I’m not allowed as that is now hers. So this is how I now have a stash of slings.


Considering I was only planning on using a carrier for practicality it has become a life saver.  The realities of having an allergy reflux baby soon kicked in . The early days are such a blur but I would not of made it through without a sling. They have seriously saved my sanity , as far as possible, and when I’m having a bad day it makes me feel so close to my baby that my heart could burst.

The Truth About Maternity Leave

Totally can relate to this

Gas And Air

The other day I discharged one of my women on day 23. This may sound quite late to still be visiting women after they’ve had a baby but personally I feel that day 14 is too soon. Most women’s partners are back at work after 2 weeks and that first week flying solo is really tough. You feel like you are constantly breastfeeding and the thought of even getting dressed and leaving the house is too much to cope with. So you stay in your pj’s watching day time tv and eating chocolate biscuits, checking Facebook, taking selfies of you and your new baby and using those amazing Instagram filters to hide your bags.

I gave my usual schpeel about seeing your GP at 6 weeks, contraception, pelvic floor exercises, baby clinic and asked what her support network like. She rolled off all the classes her and her pals she’d met…

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Spotty baby

So today has resulted in another allergic reaction. 
I noticed some red spots around the top of the nappy area / lower stomach yesterday evening when changing Js nappy. I didn’t think much of it.

However this morning, not long after giving J half a weetabix, I changed his nappy only to find that his torso and back covered in red dots. He was also screaming in the night the past two nights, which we have put down to his two front teeth coming through.

The only thing he has had different that we can think of is aldis own weetabix for breakfast. 

Luckily we have antihistamines in from the last A&E visit . So we have given him some in the hope it helps.