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Who am i?

I know that I have mainly be writing about baby J, but i thought I would introduce you to the Me before baby J arrived. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy life now but I cant wait for J to be older so we can go on adventures and days out.

I wouldn’t say I was your typically girly girl. In all honesty I hate shopping, it just stresses me out as I never find anything I like. The only girly thing about me is that when I go out I do like dressing up (not that it happens often)  and obviously considering I’m a hairdresser i do like that.

I use to be one of those ‘youths’, no not the chavvy ones hanging around on parks. The ones meeting up on car parks talking about cars.  Yes i know what your thinking, but honestly it was harmless.  I would rather that, than be a youth showing no respect and terrorising the neighbourhood.

This is Tango …. my first car


I also use to have a Honda CBR125 motorbike , however i cannot at this moment find a picture.

Another thing i use to do was Urbexing …. no that’s nothing dodgy , its basically exploring abandoned buildings (I told you,not a girly girl.) This is when I got into photography. Photography is another reason i have started to write this blog, i really miss having the time to go out exploring with my camera.  I hope to be able to take more photos of J , without him trying to pinch the camera off me .

When we have moved and unpacked i will be able to find my external hard drive and upload some pictures.

My most recent hobby is off-roading. There was nothing more I loved than driving through a massive mud ditch or a swampy lake. We regularly use to go greenlaning or to off-road days.

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Binky Linky


We have a walker!!! Just shy of 9 months.   Hes been cruising around furniture since 6 1/2 months.
It was hard enough stopping him hurting himself when he was crawling and cruising . Ive no idea how many accidents are to come now, just in time to attack the Christmas decorations …. 

Im so proud of my little baby boy and it melts my heart to see him walk. He managed about 8 steps today,  with a big grin on his face.
I honestly can’t believe how happy i feel when he walks. I honestly don’t think ive had that feeling before , maybe that is because of the PND overshadowing things.

About CMPA

I realised i havnt actual explained what CMPA actually is .

There are many websites that explain it very well .

I will link you to them as they are far better at explaining the sypmtoms and managment .





Doctors visit

Today we were back at the doctors about Jacob being in pain overnight.  He screams the house down whilst he is still sleeping.

Its horrible to see him in pain and not know how to help. Sometimes even pacing the house holding him doesn’t help . I have to give him a bottle for comfort, but even then he will just bring it all back up. He can be writhing around in pain most of the night ,with me having to go and settle him on average about 6 times.  Once I counted 12 .

We have an appointment with a pediatrician next week so hopefully we will start getting to the botton of his problems.

Here goes …..

This is my first blog so please forgive me if it isnt up to a good standard whilst i get started.

I will mainly be writing about my struggle adapting to life as a mummy , coaping with PND and general day to day living with a baby with allergies