Review: Pure chimp super cream

After contacting Pure Chimp about my eczema they sent a pot of Super Cream out free for my review.


When it first arrived i was impressed by the size of the pot. I was expecting it to be smaller for some reason.  The retail price for 60ml is normally £12 but currently on sale herefor £8.   The pot its self seems quiet chunky and sturdy , so if your clumsy like me I don’t think it would break easily. It is made out of a black plastic.  The design of the label is black and white, which is simple and to the point.  I like this as I have found that some company’s over compensate the packaging to make up for the actual product.  The packaging doesn’t detract from the fact that the ingredients are natural.  The label states quiet clearly that the products are not tested on animals and are 100% natural and Vegan friendly.

2014-02-16 14.55.03

The use by date is on the base of the cream. The cream has a good shelf life as my cream had a use by date of 07/2015

2014-02-16 14.53.46

The ingredients of the cream are

2014-02-16 15.01.47

In all fairness it isn’t going to win an award for the nicest smelling cream of the year. However if it improves my eczema then I can let the smell issue slide. I suppose this is another thing that comes from the fact of having no nasty chemicals in it to change the fragrance.

I was again surprised by the texture of the cream as it’s runnier than the type of cream I’m use to, and also grainy. I think because the ingredients are wax and oils it also feels quiet heavy until its soaked into the skin.   Pure Chimp have put a top tip of putting some cream in your hair to nourish and add shine.  As a hairdresser , I would imagine this would make your hair greasy. I personally wouldn’t do this in general day to day life but as a treatment overnight ,I imagine that it would help.  In fact if J ever let’s me have a minute to myself I will try this.

When I normally put creams on my eczema ,if anybody else suffers you will understand , it stings!. However the Super Cream doesn’t.  This in itself is amazing because normally, I’m in a catch 22 of needing to use a cream but not wanting to.  As the product is quite nourishing but runny you really do not need to use a lot . Also as it doesn’t soak into your skin quickly you do not have to reapply it a lot throughout the day.

I will definitely keep using the cream and update this post with a picture of my eczema in a few weeks. Even after one days use my skin doesn’t feel as dry, and there is definite visible improvement.

This is my eczema before I started using Super Cream


Pure Chimp also sell different products on their website.

The products are handmade in the UK .



Since writing this review i have received an email from Pure Chimp stating that a few batches  are runnier than normal and to get in touch.


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Review: Mr Nutcase Phone Case

Last week I was given the opportunity to create a personalised phone case using MrNutcase. I have always wanted a personalised phonecase, I just never got round to doing one so I jumped at the chance .

The website is very easy to navigate and simple to understand. Firstly you select your phone make and model,the website covers most makes and models of phones , Apple,Samsung,Blackberry and such-like. You then have two styles of cases to choose between Ultra light weight slimline case  or an Executive flip leather style case.  I chose the slimline case as I previously has a flip style case from elsewhere and found it annoying . On the website there is then an option to choose a collection case or create your own personalised case.  I chose to create my own case as I wanted to use pictures of my son.

There are several templates to choose from depending on what layout you would like the photos. You also have the option to add text or clipart and change the background colour. Once you have designed your case you have the chance to view it before proceeding with the order. This is handy incase an important part of the photo has been cropped .  The hardest part was choosing which photos to use.

I desgined and ordered the phone case on Thursday evening, it was shipped the next day and delivered on Saturday. Even for a none personalised item that is quick, so for it to be a personalised late evening order I was amazed.

The case arrived in a bubble wrapped parcel envelope and even had a free screen protector in it.


The printing quality of the cover is fantastic,even the small details.  The photos dont wrap around the edges of the case as i thought it would, but once it is on the phone you cannot tell.  Even though the case is slimline it still feels very sturdy. Infact i took it of my phone to take a photo and it didnt come off as easiley as i was expecting. However this is a good thing because you know it wont come unclipped if you drop your phone.



I would definitely reccomend MrNutcase for personalised phonecases, infact i have not stopped showing people mine since i have got it.

MrNutcase also makes cases for other products such as iPads and Tablets. Phone cases start from £14.95

**Disclaimer: I was given a code to order a phone case from Mr Nutcase website in return for a review. All opinions are my own and are unbiased.

Website –
Twitter – @MrNutCase
Instagram – mrnutcase

How to keep a toddler occupied….

Last week I went to Tescos to stock up on food for J. Im becoming more aware of how much ‘extras’ are in food. This has come from having to read all packaging to see if its dairy, soya and banana free.  This resulted in one of the healthiest shops I have done.  I was plesently surprised that it did not cost as much as i was expecting.  This is normally one of the downfalls of having to shop dairy and soya free.

As you can see i managed to buy quiet a selection of food for J to try. (Not the green tea that was for me ).  I bought Vitalite on the reccomendation from alot of people in a fantstic CMPA support group.  I also bought some tinned cocunut milk from the world food isle.  However i have no idea how to use it to cook with. Can you direct me to a easy recipe?
Amongst the items that I had picked up were Plum, Little Yums, Apple Spinach and Kale wafers. The more of the Plum products i buy the more i am liking them. (well J is)


I  was expecting the items just to be loose in the box but they actually came in handy little packets containing three wafers . These are usefull to take out in lunch boxes.


J loved these and had fun eating them.  They are actually not that messy as some finger foods can be. When I gave J these he actually sat still and ate them nicely. Which was a nice change as he is normally running around at 100 miles an hour to busy to even sit down to eat. The carpet can vouch for that after the whole pancake relay saga.

I will definetly be trying some other products of the Plum range, and seeing how J rates them. Are there any others you would reccomed?



THESE CONTAIN MILK!!!!  After J came out in a reaction rash the other morning i read the individual packet ingredients list.

Im sure the box didnt say it contained milk, If anything it would have said ‘may contain’. I need to go back to the supermarket and check as I recycled the box.
As you can see I have found two seperate links on the products both saying differently.