Internet friends vs Real life friends

Nowadays it is very rare not to see a mobile phone glued to someone’s hand. Even then, if its not a mobile its a laptop or a tablet.  Now don’t get me wrong, I do believe that children nowadays spend far to much time using technology. Hey you cant blame them, it is fantastic. I remember when i was in primary school we only had one computer next to the headmasters office. I’m only 24, so not that long ago really.  Whereas nowadays its not a surprise to see a family out for a meal with their 3yr old playing on an Ipad, keeping them occupied.  I always said i wouldn’t be one of those parents, but in all honesty I probably will let J play on them when i need a minute to myself. (but not at meal times.)

There is a point to this post, and this is that the internet is an amazing thing.  Without the internet there would be no Facebook , and without Facebook we would all die!!!!. Ha ,no not really but without Facebook i would not have ‘met’ such a lovely group of ladies.  Some people say that internet friends don’t count, but in all honesty I would say my internet friends are my true friends.  I first ‘met’ my internet mummy friends (IMF) when i joined a Facebook group with other pregnant woman. It was actual a money saving baby group ,although I’m sure we are all a bad influence on each other buying things we ‘need’ BUY ALLDASLINGZ!!!!.  We started talking about general baby/pregnancy topics, including all the not so glamorous pregnancy symptoms . We soon got to know each other though and now we talk about anything. I would say that they know more about me than my real life friends.  Also without one very special mummy i would never have started this blog, i am so thankful for all the time and help she has given me.

When J was around 3months old we actually met up in a family friendly pub in Blackpool . Obviously not everyone could meet as we are scattered all over the country.  I was so nervous but when i was pregnant i said to myself that i have to make an effort to get out more and make friends. I wasn’t up to going alone as the thought of driving to Blackpool on the motorway with a 3month old terrified me. My mum came with me.  When we all met in person for the first time you wouldn’t have thought it . It was like we had know each other for ages.  I know that others more south in the country have also met up and i believe they feel the same way.


When the babies were born we were all supportive of each other , those late night /early morning feeds can really take it out of you. You can start to feel so alone stuck in the robotic loop of feed,change,settle,sleep,feed .  I was so grateful of the random chatting’s at 3am just to keep me company.  We are a group of very different people, however none of us judge each other for any of our parenting decisions. Be that Breast feeding, Formula feeding. Feeding puree food or BLW. Pram lovers or babywearing . You get the point.  Without them and my fantastic family i don’t believe i would have got through PND and got to the point i am at now.  When i was feeling really low they sent me a surprise. It was a photo book of all the mummy’s and babies , with messages to me to help me feel more positive when i need it.

i just want to say a public Thank you to each and everyone of the Mummys



  1. Such a wonderful story! ❤
    I too think that it's sad that so many people don't think that IMF count. 😦 Including my own family…
    They are more my friends then any one else, and I have even met some of them too! 🙂
    It's wonderful and I wish I lived closer to them, because most of them live around London and I live in Northamtonshire! lol

  2. Speaking as someone who has an amazing network of internet friends who I’m lucky enough to see at least some of regularly, I think they sound like a lovely group of ladies. People are often sniffy about online friends but they are just as important as ‘real life’ to me.

  3. This is such a lovely post – and so true for many people. I’ve met some wonderful people through blogging and thankfully I’ve met a few of them at BritMums events (are you going this year btw?). I think there’s an honesty about virtual friendships that comes from being less concerned about what people think. Glad to have found your blog today and thanks for popping over to Bod Towers x

  4. I think internet friends count. I know twitter has helped me out on more than one occasion with advice and it’s always nice to have someone to chat to on those days when leaving the house is not an option.

  5. Thank you so much for sharing this post. I think its one of my top FAVORITES of all. I moved to England from America so I don’t know many, and even have less than that for friends and I have been here 7 years now. Without the internet one I couldn’t keep as close in contact with my friends and family back home but now blogging it has brought me a whole new set of online supportive friends, that have helped me and supported me in good and bad times alike. I couldn’t have survived without all them. 😉 I haven’t had a chance to meet up with anyone yet but this looks like you have made so life time friends. That’s fabulous. I can’t wait to go to BritMums and meet some of my great supporters!!! 🙂 Lovely post!!! #sharefriday

  6. This is a lovely post. We recently decided to home educate and without our friends we met on the internet (although we now meet up in real life so our kids can play and socialise!) we’d be very lonely indeed!

  7. Can relate so so much to this. I had very little friends when I had Squish as I was the first to have babies so it was quite a lonely time. I started blogging when he was about 2-3 and it opened up a hole new world. It was actually one of the reasons I set up North West bloggers. I noticed how much of a great support it is and how it binds people together. Love it! 🙂

  8. Speaking as (hopefully) an Internet Mummy Friend (not met iin real life yet though), this has just made me cry hun xxx

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