#PNDChat THE hashtag for PND tweets!

PND and Me

I created the #PNDChat hashtag to help bring together those affected by pre and postnatal depression. We are fast creating an amazing strong community of sufferers, survivors, professionals and charities.

Its can feel lonely place the land of PND until you knock on some doors and realise you aren’t alone at all, there as SO many others out there.

1 in 7 women will experience some form of pre and/or postnatal illness, so say your sat at a toddler group, beyond the smiles and the laughs, just how many of those women will have been where you might be now?

The land of PND doesn’t have to be a lonely place, it shouldn’t be. We need to come together as women, not just mothers and say ‘You know what im not hiding anymore!’

So please use the #PNDChat whenever tweeting about PND. You never know who you might meet, and…

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