Bedroom Shuffle

Im sure all parents know this one…. no not that …the other one.

It starts by walking up the stairs , tippy toeing as you go along.  You get half way and realise you have forgotten nappy/bottle/dummy/teething gel/monitor delete as appropriate.
You try again and manage to reach the landing . In your celebration you drop your phone, you freeze, waiting for the cry through the nursery door, nothing, yes we escaped it this time. You begin the mission impossible routine, shuffling your weight on you tip toes , following a certain patter to avoid the dredded squeaky floorboards.
You make it to the bedroom , breath a sigh of relief. You get settled in bed just enough time to relax and get comfy when…  wahhhhhh wahhhhhh  … and the the baby dance begins. …


One comment

  1. I do know it! In my house it also includes shushing everyone else as they don’t seem to understand that when the baby is asleep you aren’t meant to shout up the stairs.

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