Rainbow bright :)

I decided that I needed to cheer myself up the other week. I knew I wanted to buy another sling but I didnt know what type.
I went to my local sling meet ( #stockportslinglibrary )to try a ring sling and a mei tai.

I wanted a ring sling for quick up and down carrys around the house . I also wished to try a mei tai as I was finding my connecta slightly diggy when using it for back carrys.

I tried a lenny lamb ring sling , this looked really confusing but with a little help I actually found it quiet easy and comfortable to use.

The mei tai I tried was also a lenny lamb and was unbelievably comfy with J on my back. He seemed to love it aswell.

I began my hunt for a mei tai when I found this


Its soo pretty. 
Its a walabi wraptai . It was way over my budget but I love it and I had money leftover from Christmas . I shall do a separate post about how amazing it is


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