First pediatrician appointment

Well where do I start.  … in all honesty I feel let down and deflated.  It feels as though  because im young and a first time mum that I must be neurotic according to health professionals. 

The pead tried to say that J waking in the night for milk is a behavioural issue. This clearly isn’t the case as he screams the house down sobbing whilst still asleep and milk is the only thing that calms him down enough to wake up. He could still be up an hour later withering around on pain.

My list of symptoms was pointless as she fobbed me off before I managed to tell her them all.

I took my mum with me and im so glad I did as it took her saying that there is something not right and im not neurotic for the pead to actually listen.

We have been give reflux meds begrudgingly (well I have to wait a few days for the prescription. )

We next have an appointment in January.

I seriously believe that you have to fight to get people to take babys problems seriously


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