Preparing for our hospital appointment

We have our first pediatrician appointment on Monday about Jacobs problems. In preparation of this I have made a note of all his symptoms upto him being 4 months old.

As you can see the list is massive.  We just put his fussiness down to being a baby. As our first child we knew no different.  

He was 4 months old when I took him to the doctors with suspected reflux.  My doctor actually thought he could have been lactose intolerant.  We tried different formula but that made him severely constipated. 
I researched about it as I had no idea what it was, I then discovered about dairy allergy.  This was Jacob!!. We went back to the doctors and got put on another milk , but this time it was extensively hydrolysed making it more broken down and less likely to create an allergic reaction.
He has improve but since weaning I believe we have more allergies to deal with aswel as still having silent reflux.


As you can see the list of symptoms are still massive.

Its horrible to see my poor baby in pain and not being able to help. He has only slept through once 10-6 , this was when he ended up in A&E with a allergic reaction rash and was given Piriton.  Normally we can be up 6+ times a night .

Sofar we have been avoiding dairy, wheat, gluten, banana, , pineapple .

I seriously hope we get some answers on Monday or at least make some progress .


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